What I am working on

Nov 20, 2023 | Trips

I am gonna share a bit from my creation process in this blog post, particularly what paintings are in the process of being created. Currently I have 6 paintings that I am working on and many are in the beginning stages. I like to have a few going at a time, because the motivation to do either of them comes and goes. The first picture is a painting with a pine tree that I started three months ago and then I made another painting “Pondering”. Bellow this text it´s a forest painting in it´s very first stage.

Up here it´s a foggy mountain painting with a dash of fantasy that I started at the start of this year and it´s somewhere in front of the middle of the process.

Here we have a very new painting, also in the very first stage. It´s gonna be a lake with people bathing at night.

These are two paintings, the upper one is almost finished and hopefully you can see it in my portfolio soon :). Bellow it there is a painting of a field with an agricultural building and I am somewhere in the middle of creating it.

Then these are my sketches that I am having headaches over, because I feel indecisive and I want to start all of them, but that would be too much.

I hope you have enjoyed this little peek 🙂