I love the creation of art. The process. Why that is? Because it means unveiling a great mystery. A great treasure. The thought or the idea that I have prior to that is the clue to what it´s gonna be about. The process means playing with my imagination and the paints on the canvas. No brushstroke is perfect. Just like nature. Just like nature, it´s all unique and organic, perfect in it´s imperfection. Every stroke is thoughtful, intentional and important and my feelings interfere and add other decisions to the process.

Painting is like watching a plant grow, but being the water or sunlight. It feels like a co-creation. It is like an adventure that keeps opening itself with every step. I keep walking on that path to something amazing. It´s as close as I can get to something whispering in my ear.

Sometimes I look at my unfinished paintings and wonder what story they are going to tell. What plant they will grow into.

This mystery is what keeps me going, it´s what I love most about art besides the beauty. Many artists have many processes, but my process is built on spontaneity and seeing where things go. I like to have a conversation with life, with the painting. I like surprises and I have a bit of a shiny object syndrome.

In painting, I feel like I am never the one starting the conversation. There must be something that calls me closer and wants to talk to me. And that is also why I don´t create ideas, I wait for them and respond to them. That is why each painting feels special to me, why it´s more than a decoration, a depiction of a landscape.

If art should be one thing, it should be


Unexpected, inexplainable and heart gripping.

That doesn´t mean that art making is nothing short of difficult and time consuming. But that is a part of the beauty. Beautiful things are worth such labor, which becomes a burning coal with the passion you feel for it, as you try to switch it quickly between your hands to not burn yourself.

I thought I would share this inspirational text today. Thank you for reading.