After a few months I come here again with a new painting. It has been busy with many things, including the exhibition “Human hideaways” and studies. I actually started this painting 4 months ago and now it is January. But it´s finished! I hope to make new paintings a bit more often.

I have also decided to quit posting on Instagram, and that is because the platform doesn´t suit my needs for various reasons. It is mostly because it is very time and energy demanding and forces me to spend a lot of time on it in order to create an impact on the visiblility of my artwork, and I am a pretty busy person, and also the visibility kept staying the same or dropping despite my efforts. This blog will be such a calmer place, so I am happy to see you join!

The inspiration for this painting came to me when I was thinking back on a trip to Norway in July this year and this place specifically is Sweden, somewhere on the river Skeleftea. It was just a brief stop we made in this place. But often brief stops make mysterious memories. Thinking back on it gave me a sense of peace. I imagined the clouds very round, and that´s how I also painted them. There is a sense of simplicity to them. And of course, the stones in the silver water which is running freely into the distance. I also think that this might not be everyone´s cup of tea because not everyone likes grey tea but I believe someone out there will get the vibe. I had a great time painting this.

The photo above shows the painting in a beginning stage.

Finally, these are some close up pictures where you can really see what´s beautiful about this painting.

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